Tasar Worlds 2017 limited items notice for pre-ordering

We will be selling the following items during the championship, profits will be used to help cover operating expenses. These items are sponsored by, the logo and design are printed by permission of the brand(these are original items, not official MUSTO products). You can pre-order the items online.

You will receive and pay for the items when you register on the first day(7/30-31) of the championship. Only JPY will be acceptable.

We will be selling all the items during the championship(7/30-8/6) but they will be relatively high in price compared to the pre-order.

1. Short sleeve T-shirt(Design 1)

(pre-order)¥2,500  (on-site sale)¥3,000
color:white, gray, navy

2.  Short sleeve T-shirt(Design 2)

(pre-order)¥2,500  (on-site sale) ¥3,000
color: light pink, gray, navy, black, light blue, orange
size: LL, L, M, S, SS, 150, 130, 120

3.  Long sleeve T-shirt

(pre-order)¥3,000  (on-site sale) ¥3,500
color: white, gray, navy
size: 3L, LL, L, M, S, SS, 150, 140

4.  Polo shirt(Button down)

(pre-order)¥3,000  (on-site sale) ¥3,500
color: light pink, white, gray, navy, black, red, light blue
size: 5L, 4L, 3L, LL, L, M, S, SS

How to order

Pre-orders will be accepted until Jun 30th, 2017

Download Order Form  (Excel)

  1. Put the size and the number on each sheet of order form(Excel).
  2. Please check the total number on the last sheet of order form.
  3. Please send the form by Email
    Email address:
    Subject: (limited items pre-order), sail number, name
    (1) Sail number, name, email address, phone number
    (2) “Your Order” which shows on the last sheet of order form.
    Attachment: “goods_order_en.xlsx”
  4. You will receive a confirmation email. Please check and reply.

If you have any questions, please contact to:
limited items section, Kameyama, Noguchi (