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4 Sep 2016
Accommodation updates #2

Accommodation for Tasar sailors during Worlds 2017

Possible options for accommodation located near Kaiyo Yacht Harbor is as follows and listed with information such as price, room type, access, etc. in the attached PDF.
* The information on the list was collected from each hotel and translated to the extent possible by paying attention, however, if having eventual wrong information, JTA assume no responsibility for any inconvenience resulting from the information on this Website.
 for Japanese(日本語の案内はこちら)

  • (A) Shofuen (Ryokan, traditional Japanese style hotel with natural hot spring bath) MAP
  • (B) Meizanso (Ryokan, traditional Japanese style hotel with natural hot spring bath) MAP
  • (C) Higaki Hotel (Ryokan, traditional Japanese style hotel with natural hot spring bath) MAP
  • (D) Hiranoya (Ryokan, traditional Japanese style hotel with natural hot spring bath) MAP
  • (E) Kaiyokaku (Ryokan, traditional Japanese style hotel with natural hot spring bath) MAP
  • (F) Orange Pension (Western style pension) MAP
  • (G) Hotel AZ (Western style inn) MAP
  • (H) Gamagori Hotel (Western style hotel with natural hot spring bath) MAP
  • (I) Gamagori Classic Hotel (Western style classic hotel) MAP

Accommodation List (PDF)

Updated on 13 March 2017
Notice of Partial Amendments to Accommodation List
Information about Gamagori Classic Hotel has been changed partly.
Please check the Accommodation List.

Updated on 29 November 2016
Notice of Partial Amendments to Accommodation
Information about Orange Pension has been changed partly.Please check the Accommodation List.

Updated on 27 September 2016
Information about hotel AZ has been changed partly. Please check the Accommodation List.

Thanks to the local hotels, they kindly offer TASAR sailors and their families a special rate for the stay during the world championship. Please follow the following application procedures to book the hotel. Payment for the stay is to be made at each hotel. Please make sure to confirm the cancellation policy shown on the list. Noting that it is the high season, if you need to cancel, notification at the earliest opportunity is appreciated.

【To book a hotel room from among (A) to (H)】

  1. Online application form will be available on this web page from September 20, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. (JST) until December 26, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. (JST). Chose and apply your preference up to the third. The rooms will be served on a first-come, first-served basis. Within 7 days from the application, you’ll receive Reservation Confirmation.
  2. For any inquiries, change of the booking or cancellation, please contact JTA at worlds_accomodation[at] by Monday, 26 December 2016. For change of the booking or cancellation after that date, please follow “How to change or cancel the booking” on the list.

Online application form (available from Sep. 20 at 6pm JST)

【To book a hotel room at (I) Gamagori Classic Hotel】

  1. Please send an email directly to the hotel front[at] and cc to JTA worlds_accomodation[at] Don’t forget to mention you’ll come for “Tasar Worlds”.
  2. For any inquiries, change of the booking or cancellation, please contact the hotel directly.

2 Aug 2016
Accommodation updates #1

You’ll enjoy your stay at Japanese traditional hotels in Miya Onsen Area, such as the followings, with hot spring public baths (indoor, outdoor, roof terrace) to refresh you after sailing. They are in the walking distance from Toyota Industries Kaiyo Yacht Harbour and offers mainly traditional rooms with Tatami mats and Futon (Japanese mattress placed on Tatami mats as bedding and is stored in a closet when not in use) and limited number of western style rooms. During pre worlds, 7 sailors from overseas stayed in traditional rooms in the following hotels. The rooms are quite large, clean and with a nice view and it seems like they were happy to have slept on Futon in the traditional room.

A list of possible options for accommodation including the above hotels and some others which offer more western style rooms will be posted later on this page with information of price, room type, access, etc.

31 Jul 2016
Enjoy your stay at Japanese traditional hotel!

We have been in contact with the local hotels and their special offer for your stay during the world championship will be released soon on this website.

You’ll enjoy the stay at Japanese traditional hotels in Miya Onsen area, with hot spring baths to refresh you after sailing. For sailors do not like to sleep on Futon (Japanese mattress placed on Tatami mats as bedding and is stored in a closet when not in use), western style hotels with bedrooms will also be announced.

Please revisit this site or follow the Facebook or Twitter to get the information being updated.

Tasar Worlds 2017 Facebook
Tasar Worlds 2017 Twitter
Miya Onsen Spot (Gamagori Tourism Site)

The Venue

27 Feb 2017
About containers and boats storage location

From the beginning of July until 7 August 2017, containers can be stored in the Kaiyoh Yacht harbor. Location of the container yard, dinghy yard and the club house are shown in the block plan.
Location map
Google Earth

Tasars may be located in the dinghy yard from 8 July through 7 August 2017. There are rings to secure boats on the dinghy yard. Although July-August is not yet the peak of typhoon season, you may wish to bring a long sheet-rope and fasten your boat.
Vehicles carrying in and out of the containers must get through the gate beside the club house. It is therefore to be done during the business hours of the sailing club, that is from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
The dinghy yard as well as the container yard close to the dinghy yard are surrounded by fences. Access to your boats and the containers is therefore possible through the gate beside the club house only between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM.
Even if it is surrounded by the fence, please make sure to lock the containers and not to keep valuables in your boat for security reasons.

Container storage fee

Container storage fee is 4.89 JPY per square meter per day.
For example, the storage fee for one 40ft container for 17 days (22 July to 7 August) is 2,470 JPY
Calculation of which is 4.89 x 12.192m x 2.438m (size of a 40ft container) x 17days = 2,470-.

Toyota Industries Kaiyoh Yacht Harbor

Address: 7-1 Kaiyo-cho Gamagori City, Aichi JAPAN
Tel: 0533-59-8851
map  website


Local Info.

Access to Gamagori

From Tokyo  3 hours 45 minutes by bus, 2 hours by train
From Osaka  3 hours by bus, 1hour 40 minutes by train
From Nagoya  1 hour 15 minutes by bus, 45 minutes by train
Transport / Access
 Area Map(PDF)

Please see the PDF about the travel time to Gamagori and the location around there.
Travel time(PDF)

There are several ways to get to Gamagori.
The most common way could be:
Narita airport (Narita Express NEX) to Shinagawa (just past Tokyo) and change trains, to Toyohashi, and change trains, to Mikawamiya.
Please see the Pre-worlds report from Mr. and Mrs. Ridgway for the trip.
Pre-worlds report from Mr. and Mrs. Ridgway

Transportation in Gamagori

Please check whether your accommodation offers pick-up and drop-off services.
Accommodation List

Bicycle Rental
Limited number of rental bicycles are available. Booking in advance is required. Please understand that applications from sailors who stay in accommodations where pick-up and drop-off services are not available may take precedence over the others.
Booking application form

For sightseeing, electric bicycles are available for free from 9:30 to 16:30 at the Tourist Information Center in front of the entrance of Gamagori station. Reservations are not accepted.
NAVI TERRACE (Gamagori city Tourist information center)

Car Rental
If you intend to rent a car, please confirm whether the international driving permit issued in your country is recognized in Japan.
TOYOTA Rent a car

To take a taxi, go to a taxi stand in front of train stations or ask hotel receptionist. It is recommended to give your driver the name/address of your destination on a piece of paper or point it out on a map. Japan taxi app is useful tool to call taxi or just to estimate the fare.
Japan Taxi (for iOS)
Japan Taxi (for Android)


LAGUNA TEN BOSCH consists of amusement park “Lagunasia”, water park with many kinds of pools, beach park with water sliders on the beach, shopping mall “Festival Market”and thalassotherapy facilities “Thalgo Laguna”. Many people come for a holiday not only from within Aichi Prefecture, but also from outside the prefecture.  A whole day would not be enough to enjoy them all.

If you head toward a 65 meter tall ferris wheel, that you see in the east of Kaiyo yacht harbor, you’ll be in the shopping mall “Festival Market”. You’ll find a fresh sushi foodcourt, grocery stores as well as closing stores and ATM in it. The ATM accepts credit cards and cash cards issued outside of Japan for cash withdrawal. The ATM is on the first floor of Festival Market and available 10:00-19:00 (Weekday) and 10:00-17:00 (Weekends and Holidays).

Please note that many ATMs in Japan do not accept cards issued outside of Japan.
The exception are the ATMs at international airports, major department stores, Japan post and 7-Eleven convenience stores across the country. These ATMs allow you to withdraw cash by credit cards and cash cards issued outside of Japan, however the limit per withdrawal for international issued cards is 50,000 yen. There are shops do not accept credit card for shopping in Gamagori and you should keep in mind that you have some cash in your wallet.

Festival Market Floor Guide (PDF)


” Gamagori City, in Aichi Prefecture, is located almost in the very center of Honshu. It is a seaside sightseeing destination surrounded by two large peninsulas, the Atsumi Peninsula and Chita Peninsula, and is designated as the Mikawa Bay Quasi-National Park. There are four hot spring areas along the roughly 47-km coastline, and the city itself is a beautiful place with many shrines and temples. This is a place where you can really feel Japanese culture. From sea to mountains, the picturesque scenery abounds in variation and has been loved by Manyo poets and more modern authors alike, and visited by many a person of letters. ”
– Gamagori Tourism Site

Gamagori Tourism Site


Safety Tips