About containers and boats storage location

From the beginning of July until 7 August 2017, containers can be stored in the Kaiyoh Yacht harbor. Location of the container yard, dinghy yard and the club house are shown in the block plan.
Location map
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Tasars may be located in the dinghy yard from 8 July through 7 August 2017. There are rings to secure boats on the dinghy yard. Although July-August is not yet the peak of typhoon season, you may wish to bring a long sheet-rope and fasten your boat.

Vehicles carrying in and out of the containers must get through the gate beside the club house. It is therefore to be done during the business hours of the sailing club, that is from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

The dinghy yard as well as the container yard close to the dinghy yard are surrounded by fences. Access to your boats and the containers is therefore possible through the gate beside the club house only between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM.
Even if it is surrounded by the fence, please make sure to lock the containers and not to keep valuables in your boat for security reasons.

Container storage fee

Container storage fee is 4.89 JPY per square meter per day.
For example, the storage fee for one 40ft container for 17 days (22 July to 7 August) is 2,470 JPY
Calculation of which is 4.89 x 12.192m x 2.438m (size of a 40ft container) x 17days = 2,470-.