Accommodation updates #1

You’ll enjoy your stay at Japanese traditional hotels in Miya Onsen Area, such as the followings, with hot spring public baths (indoor, outdoor, roof terrace) to refresh you after sailing. They are in the walking distance from Toyota Industries Kaiyo Yacht Harbour and offers mainly traditional rooms with Tatami mats and Futon (Japanese mattress placed on Tatami mats as bedding and is stored in a closet when not in use) and limited number of western style rooms. During pre worlds, 7 sailors from overseas stayed in traditional rooms in the following hotels. The rooms are quite large, clean and with a nice view and it seems like they were happy to have slept on Futon in the traditional room.

A list of possible options for accommodation including the above hotels and some others which offer more western style rooms will be posted later with information of price, room type, access, etc.