Excursion -Details for each option

umi to nihonThis event is held as a part of “Umi-to-Nippon PROJECT (The Ocean and Japan Project)”

Option 1. Learn about culture and industry around Mikawa.

Tour the miso factory Kakukyu, Toyota kaikan museum (no factory tour), and Boat Race Gamagori

This option is for people who want to see some of the culture from the Mikawa district as well as some of the industrial facilities there.
Visit the Hatcho miso factory which creates one of the traditional tastes of the Mikawa district.
Enjoy a buffet lunch in a hotel in Toyota city.  In Toyota kaikan museum, observe the process of manufacturing cars, learn about the techniques for safety and environmental protection.
Hands on experience with new TOYOTA car models.
Watch a motorboat race from the grandstand at Boat Race Gamagori.

Departure:  Fri. August 4th 8:45am at Kaiyo Yacht Harbor
(also stop at Miya Onsen bus stop and JR Mikawa-Miya station)
End of tour(expected):  4:30pm at Kaiyo Yacht Harbor


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Option 2. Receive a blessing from the Mikawa Bay.

Kamomeria (the port information center in Toyohashi city), Mt Zaoh observatory, Fish market auction, and Melon picking experience.

This option gives you the opportunity to experience the Atsumi Peninsula region of the Mikawa Bay. In Kamomeria, learn about the role of the Mikawa port which is one of the prominent freight ports in Japan. From the Mt Zaoh observatory, you can see the race sea surface very well. If you’re lucky, you may see Mt Fuji!
Observe the rare daytime fish auction at the Atsumi fish market. What kind of fish may you find in the Mikawa Bay? (The fish auction will be cancelled depend on the weather.)
Enjoy a buffet lunch in Irago view hotel, and then visit fruit farm to pick up your favorite melon as a souvenir.

Departure:  Fri. August 4th 8:45am at JR Mikawa-Miya station
(also stop at Miya Onsen bus stop and Kaiyo Yacht Harbor)
End of tour(expected):  5:30pm at Kaiyo Yacht Harbor


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Option 3. Enjoy a relaxing day in Mikawa.

(places are limited to the first 40 who sign up)

The Green Tea Museum Wakuwaku, Takeshima outskirts walk (Takeshima aquarium, sightseeing around Takeshima)

This is the course to relax with the scent of green tea and visit some of the sightseeing spots around Gamagori.
Nishio-city in the west of Gamagori is a production center for the raw materials of green tea. In the green tea museum, you’ll see green tea products from all over the world and the manufacturing process of green tea.
Enjoy lunch and have a relaxing time in Italian restaurant Ondina in the Kaihinkan Marine Center House.
Have a leisurely afternoon travelling around the famous tourist spot, Takeshima area. Which do you like better, to see the interest display of fish in Takeshima aquarium or visit the power spots in Takeshima island?

Departure:  Fri. August 4th 8:45am at Kaiyo Yacht Harbor
(also stop at Miya Onsen bus stop and JR Mikawa-Miya station)
End of tour(expected):  3:00pm at Kaiyo Yacht Harbor


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